The Augmented Climbing Wall is always under active development. New games and features are often released, making sure that the system stays fresh.

The system currently has five games and applications all of which are integrated with our cloud service:

  • main_buttons_problemsAugmented Problems
    : route creation, sharing and climbing with video feedback.
  • Whack-A-Bat¬†Whack-A-Bat: gamified endurance trainer and all-round fun bat splatting.
  • Sparksmain_buttons_sparks: shockingly enjoyable mazes with static and moving levels.
  • Climballmain_buttons_pong: engaging two-player ballgame with both competitive and co-operative game modes.
  • Astromania: save the world from blazing fireballs.
  • cloudCloud Service: monitor and control your wall remotely. Full description coming soon.