Augmented Reality Climbing Made Easy

  1. Game graphics, routes etc. are shown on the wall with a video projector.
  2. Custom computer vision is used to see what the climber does.
  3. Hey, presto! The climbing wall is a huge touchscreen.

See below for additional details.

What’s it made of?


High powered projector.


Top of the line computer. See secret sauce.


Depth sensor. This little baby tells us where you are and what you’re doing.

computer vision algorithms

Proprietary computer vision technology, a.k.a. our secret sauce.


Innovative games and training applications.


All of this comes in a pretty little package that protects it from the evil that is magnesium dust. Check out the full list of included components.

What do you need?

A climbing wall, that’s all.
(A desire to have fun while becoming a better climber also helps.)