Shockingly Enjoyable Mazes with Static and Dynamic Levels

Sparks provides a new form of problem for indoor climbing. Climbers can use any holds they like as long as they don’t touch the electricity. Beware, the electricity can move too!

People love watching others play the game.

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One more often shouts ‘HELP!’, ’LOOK OUT!’, ‘AAAAA’ compared to just shouting beta.


I noticed I was climbing more in a short time as I had to try again and again 🙂

Key Features

  • Suitable for any skill level and age. Levels are categorized bydifficulty and easily browsed and selected on the touchscreen.
  • Motivates diverse movement on the wall. Makes climbing downfun.
  • Many different levels. Especially noteworthy are dyno-trainers loved by climbers, because they can train jumps without fear of hurting their hands.
  • Climbers can create new levels.
  • Used in a Finnish bouldering league competition, spring 2015