Gamified Endurance Trainer and All-Round Fun Bat Splatting

Whack-a-Bat provides thrilling experiences for both new and experienced climbers and also entertains the audience.

As the game gets faster and more difficult the audience gets engaged and starts yelling instructions. While primarily a one-player game, we’ve seen that kids often love playing it together with friends.

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Fun endurance practice that does not feel like practice. Makes one sweat, panic, and laugh. 🙂


Funniest thing I’ve ever seen. I could play it forever!

Key Features

  • Whack-a-Bat makes endurance training fun. It motivates kids and adults to climb both faster and longer.
  • Suitable for any skill level and age. The difficulty level is easily selected with a single tap on the touchscreen.
  • Keeps kids entertained for hours (yes, we have seen that).
  • Engages even advanced climbers to compete in high scores (we have seen that often too).
  • The settings for each difficulty level can be adjusted from the administrator settings to suit the wall and customer group.
  • Used in a Finnish bouldering league competition, fall 2015.